Who is A. Stark?

My name is Alexandra Starkovich. I am a well rounded artist, living in the heart of Chicago. My main focus over the years has been graphic design and photography, as well as a side of marketing. Every aspect of a creative field appeals to me, though my creative side has always been balanced out by my curiosity of the business world. And that’s how I’d like to think I ended up where I am. I love to create beautiful but functional pieces of art. Whether that function is to be hung on a wall or to drive customers to a website and connect them with a brand and product. I love it all.


The world is full of visual messages and lately the media has been on a mission to deliver a sensory overload. I feel it is my mission as an artist to create visually appealing work to give back a little to the world around me. Design, photography and marketing are not simply putting words and imagery together, nor are they a way to shout information at a consumer until they listen. They are a way of expressing information that is both useful and appealing to a viewer and the sender. When someone comes across information that visually captures their attention amongst the noise of every day life, that information is retained. And in my book, that is a successful piece of art.


BFA – Graphic Design & Photography – Elmhurst College
BA Communication Studies – Elmhurst College

  • Freelancing for 10 years
  • 4 Years Full Time Agency Designer
  • 1 Year Professional Event Photographer and Column Author
  • 1 Year Professional Newborn Photographer for Area Hospitals
  • 4 Years Gallery Assistant
  • 4 Years Student Publication Designer, 2 Years Art Director